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Emily, a senior Chihuahua from Cleveland Animal Care & Control with some very big ears. She had developed some very serious health issues that we aggressively treated. Emily was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which is now being effectively managed with diet.

Emily settled in to her foster home so well and her health was so delicate that her foster caregivers adopted her so that she could stay in the home that she had come to love. She is shown here with one of her new best friends. She can always be found playing or sleeping with one of her new best friends.


Frosty, a handsome, soulful 7- to 9-year old Golden Retriever mix, arrived last week from Cleveland Animal Care & Control a matted, filthy, anxious mess. He went straight to Style Mutt Dog Boutique where the wonderful groomers there cleaned him up and made him feel so much better. His next stop was to see Dr. Bob at the Tremont Animal Clinic. His medical problems--urinary tract infection, intestinal parasites, and mild arthritis--have responded to medication. He also had an ultrasound to investigate some lingering bladder issues. He is now healthy ahnd happy. Frosty has qualities that would make him an excellent candidate for a therapy dog.

Frosty has been neutered and then was adopted by a couple who love him dearly and will give him everything he needs for life. He is one lucky pup.

Photo on the right courtesy of Portraits by Martha


Willy, a  9-year-old Shih Tzu, came to us recently when Cleveland Animal Care & Control picked him up so matted, filthy, and flea-infested, that he could not see for the mats completely covering his eyes (double picture at left). The kind staff there shaved him down immediately making him feel so much better. He is already neutered and is healthy except for dry eye, which will require life-long treatment with eye ointment. Since he has left the kennel and boarding, he has relaxed and is enjoying his foster home. Willy loves friendly dogs and people, and even seemed to enjoy the somewhat exuberant attention of the larger dogs in play groups while still in the kennel.

Following Willy's make over, he had many people interested in him because he is so darned cute and lovable. He was adopted by a family with two big Newfies that have become Willy's best friends.

Photo on the right courtesy of Portraits by Martha


Petula, 13- to 14-year-old Poodle mix, came to us from Cleveland Animal Care & Control in September horribly matted and in very poor health. She is recovering and may be available for adoption if her health continues to improve. The photo on the left was taken when she arrived at Animal Control. In the center photo, she has been shaved down and the mats removed. The photo on the right shows her beauty after she was groomed and had a photo session with Portraits by Martha. Petula's health continues to improve, and she is very energetic and affectionate.

Petual has been adopted by a loving couple with two other small dogs that immediately followed Petual around cementing their friendship. She will have everything she needs for life.

Photo on the right courtesy of Portraits by Martha

ADOPTED!!!! Jett, a "young senior" Chihuahua/Dachshund mix at 6 to 7 years old, was thought to be a very frightened older dog when we took her from Cleveland Animal Care & Control (picture at left). But it turns out that she is actually younger than anyone thought, quite healthy, and not afraid once she was out of the kennel and secure in her foster home. She is beautiful with the biggest ears we have seen in a long time. Jett loves to play with the other dogs in her foster home, so she would like nothing better than a home of her very own with a friendly dog or two as companions.

Jett was adopted by a family expereinced in small rescue dogs. She joins two others in a happy home with lots of windows to watch the world go by.

Photo on the right courtesy of Portraits by Martha



Sir Jonathon (FKA Poodle Man), is about 12 years old from Cleveland Animal Care & Control (picture on the left) and had his first vet check up which went well, but he has since developed an issue with his back that has responded well to medication. He has been groomed (picture on the right) and is ready for his very own home.

Sir Jonathon has gone to his new home with a wonderful young woman who is getting laser treatments for his back issues and surrounding him with the love he deserves.

Blanche, a 12-year-old toy Poodle, is a sweet bundle of love. She has been successfully spayed and has had some mammary tumors removed. She is a real love and absolutely adorable, but she prefers to be the only dog in the home or top share her home with a smaller more submissive dog. She loves to be carried and to sit in your lap. The person lucky enough to adopt her will have a devoted friend.

Blanche has been adopted  by a couple who will provide her with unconditional love and the best of care for the rest of her life. As an added bonus, she has a new best friend, an old blind Poodle named Charlie.

Grayson, a 7-year-old Poodle mix, came to us when he was not adopted from an area shelter. He is full of fun, friendly, and energetic. He needs the company of active people and other dogs. He also enjoys time in his securely fenced backyard playing with his people and his dog friends. Grayson is healthy and happy, but he can be a bit of a barker when he is excited, so he would not be a good fit for an apartment.

Grayson has been adopted by a couple with a younger dog that looks amazingly like Grayson. On his first day in his new home, Grayson ran and played, chasing Clark around and around the yard, both clearly enjoying the company of another dog.

Photo courtesy of Portraits by Martha

Pebbles, a senior Shih Tzu mix, is a sweetheart of a dog. She came to us with multiple health issues that have now been addressed. She has just been spayed and is ready for her new home. She has some issues with her rear legs, possibly from past trauma. She gets around fine but has a charming little wobble when she walks. You will have an immediate best friend for life when you adopt Ms Pebbles!

Pebbles is much more bonded to dogs than she is to people. She has been adopted into a home with a fenced yard for her to run and play with her best little dog friends.

Photo on the left courtesy of Portraits by Martha


Skittles, a 10-year-old affectionate and sweet little Chihuahua, was found in a downtown Cleveland neighborhood and turned in to animal care by a good Samaritan. She had a check up at our veterinary clinic and then had all of her badly infected teeth removed. But that doesn't stop her from enjoying her meals and her life. And, yes, she is as loving as she is adorable.

Photo on the left courtesy of Portraits by Martha

Jackie, an 8- to 10-year-old, large and lovable Terrier mix, was picked up while wandering a local Cleveland cemetery, and, although her family was located, they could not take her back. So she came to us and has not looked back. Since her blood work was unremarkable, a large mass under her shoulder will be removed in a couple of weeks after she has settled into her new life. We are so glad to have her.

Update: Jackie, now known as Sandy, made her first appearance to Adoption Sunday just a few days after her surgery. There she found a person who will love her unconditionally. She was recently spotted at the Summer Scoop, showing off her good fortune at being adopted.

Mister and Chica Louise, a bonded pair of 12-year-old Chihuahuas, have been together their entire lives, and they need to stay together now. After losing the only home they have ever know, they came to the Sanctuary a bit shy and frightened. But it didn't take long for them to realize that they were safe and still had each other. Typical Chihuahuas, Mister and Chica Louise warm up to people fairly quickly once they realize they can trust them. They have both had dentals and complete health checks, and they are ready for their forever home where they will be cherished for life.

Update: Mister & Chica Louise have been adopted by a loving couple who came for one dog and ended up with two! They also have a Chihuahua mix named Diablo, but don't worry. He is not a little devil, and he and the three of them are getting along famously.

Cassidy, a 7- to 8-year-old Terrier is a bundle of love and energy. She was treated for a very serious urinary tract infection, which is now gone. She has also been spayed and had a dental in which she lost five teeth. But she is now healthy and happy and ready for her very own home.

Cassidy has been adopted by a retired woman who has a senior dog in need of companionship, and she will be happy and well-loved for life. Congratulations, Cassidy!

Sydney, a 12-year-old Pomeranian, came to the Sanctuary with Boopsie, Polie, and Twisty when they were confiscated from the home of a woman who could no longer care for them. They had been living in deplorable conditions without veterinary care for many years. Each has some health issues that our veterinarian is addressing, primarily urinary tract infections and bad teeth. They have now all been spayed, had much-needed dentals, and had their other medical needs met. Sydney was such a good fit in her foster home that she was immediately adopted by her foster family. She shares her home with two other Pomeranians, both Forever Fosters with the Sanctuary, and a Min Pin also adopted from the Sanctuary. Congratulations, Sydney!

Cognac, a 10- to 12-year-old Sheltie mix, found herself in Cleveland Animal Care and Control with no owner coming to claim her. On arrival she was thin and distrustful, but she has settled into her foster home and is gaining in trust and confidence every day. She enjoys time spent with her people and with friendly dogs. We aren't sure how she feels about cats, so a cat-free home would be the best for her. Cognac's health is good, and we hope that she will be adopted into her very own home soon.

Cognac, now named Cocoa, was adopted by a wonderful woman who had adopted a senior dog from us five years ago. After Betty and her friend Charlie crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Mary Lou knew she needed the friendship of another old dog. She came to Adoption Sunday, met Cognac, and the rest, as they say is history.

Lilo, a very sweet, laid back, 8- to 9-year-old Shih Tzu mix, came from Cleveland Animal Care & Control where she arrived so covered in painful mats that she had to be completely shaved down. She has visited our vet and received a clean bill of health except for being a little underweight. She has gained some much-needed weight and has been spayed, so she is now ready for her very own home.

Lilo was adopted by a lovely family that had adopted two senior dogs from the Sanctuary years earlier. They needed an old dog in their lives, and they couldn't be happier with Lilo!

Photo courtesy of Portraits by Martha.


Milo, 8-year-old Chihuahua, from Cleveland Animal Care and Control, has been successfully treated for skin problems from long-neglected allergies. His health is much improved, and his fur has grown back. In fact, it is hard to recognize the dog that he once was in his pound picture on the right. He gets along well with other dogs unless he is busy being a lap dog; then he can be a little protective of his people. He is shown on the left in the arms of his foster caregiver, relaxed, happy, and handsome. He has come a long way from the frightened, sick little dog we brought it. he will make a wonderful addition to the right home.

After spending well over a year with the Sanctuary, Milo has found the perfect home with a loving couple who have adopted old dogs from us in the past. He takes his place in a family full of love and care. His medical needs will be met, and he will be loved unconditionally for life.

Ozzy, a 10-year-old Chihuahua, is an easy-going guy. He gets along well with everyone he meets including other friendly dogs. He was adopted by a loving couple following his first visit to Adoption Sunday.  He is shown here in his new home staying warm and toasty on a cold Cleveland day. His new "dad" works from home, so Ozzy is rarely alone, and that suits him just fine!


Murdock, a 10-year-old blind Lab from a hoarding case in Pike County, came to us in January of 2015 after living in an outside pen and being confiscated by the warden. Knowing his background, we assumed he would be timid, shut down, and poorly socialized. Boy, were we wrong! Murdock is loving, outgoing, and inquisitive. Everyone he meets is his friend: cats, dogs, people. His blindness does not slow him down at all as the occasional head thunks you hear when he runs into a barrier at full tilt make clear. He even enjoys his warm towel after a bath!

Murdock has celebrated one year in his foster home in February of 2016; he is healthy and happy and ready for his very own home where he can settle in and share his irrepressible joy with the world. For more information on Murdock, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Murdock has found his home after a year and a half of waiting. He now lives with two other dogs, and a loving couple who will be sure that Murdock is happy and well-cared for.

Photos of Murdock courtesy of Ruff, Pet Photography.

Cinders, a 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel, is one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs we have even met. Cinders came to us from Cleveland Animal Care & Control where she was found as a stray. Cinders is hard of hearing and blind, but she immediately bonded with her foster caregiver and the other friendly dogs in her foster home. She will make a devoted and valued companion to the person lucky enough to adopt her. Cinders has been spayed and is ready for a home of her very own.

Update: Cinders has been adopted by a loving couple who dote on her and spoil her. She shares her home with two other dogs that have become her fast friends. We wish you the happiest life, Cinders.


Millicent, a 9-year-old Pug/Beagle mix who went from animal control to a large local shelter. But no one showed an interest in her, so she came to the Sanctuary where people come to find old dogs. But in under a week, her foster caregiver put dibs on Millicent, and she has been adopted by a family that has fostered and adopted several dogs from the Sanctuary in the past. Happy new life, Millicent.

Lopez, 8- to 10-year old Bichon mix, as sweet as he is adorable. He had a successful surgery to remove bladder stones and is feeling much better now. Lopez is an absolute joy of a dog, friendly, affectionate, and easy going, one of the all-around nicest dogs we have had in a while.

Update: Lopez was adopted in June 2016 by a wonderful family who had adopted another senior dog from us in 2015. Lopez joins MacDuff (now known as Milo) in a home devoted to their care. He is one very lucky and sweet old guy!

Photo on the right courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Squirt, 4- to 5-year-old Chihuahua mix thought to be older because of an eye problem that has left him blind. He has been neutered and is ready for his very own home. He is friendly to other dogs and everyone he meets. Squirt is a perfect gentleman. For more information on Squirt, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Squirt was adopted in June 2016 by a family with three other friendly little dogs. Because of an ulcer that would not heal, Squirt had one eye removed before joining his new family. His permanent wink makes him even more adorable.

Photo on the left courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Lucy D, a 15-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, was surrendered to a NE Ohio shelter, and she arrived at the Sanctuary on November 6, 2015. Shortly afterward, she developed a stubborn case of kennel cough that quickly turned to pneumonia. We are happy to report that she responded to aggressive treatment and is recovering nicely. She also has a tumor on her upper jaw that our vet believes is benign, but it will be removed in mid-December when she is spayed and has a much-needed dental. Lucy D will be placed up for adoption if her health permits; if not, she will have a loving foster home with us for whatever time she has left. We will update Lucy next week when we know more about her health. Her shelter picture is on the left. The other two pictures were taken shortly after she arrived.

Update: Our vet has estimated Lucy D's age at closer to 10 years old than 15 as the shelter stated. Good food and good care have helped her become a healthier, happier dog. She has lots of energy and loves to play with her toys. She has had her surgery and the good news is that her tumors both in her mouth and in the mammary chain were all benign. She has been spayed and is now officially looking for her very own home. For more information on Lucy D, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Lucy D was adopted in June 2016 by a lovely family who will make her the center of their home. She is one lucky little dog. When last seen, she was snoozing comfortably on the lap of her new mom.

Macie, a senior Lab mix from Morrow County, arrived November 27. She is a sweet old gal who had multiple mammary tumors that have now been removed and she has been spayed. Happily, her mammary tumors were all benign, and she has been given a clean bill of health. Macie is an easy-going dog, gentle and affectionate. She gets along well with dogs, cats, and people. She is a true gem, a loving and loyal old gal just waiting for a home of her very own.

Update: Macie has been adopted by a long term friend of the Sanctuary. She has joined another senior dog who accepted her right away. Macie was recently seen with her head in the refrigerator, exploring its contents. Enjoy the good life, Macie.

Photos of Macie courtesy of Portraits by Martha.


Bunny (known as Tootsie in the shelter) is an older Chihuahua who found herself alone in a NW Ohio animal shelter after a rescue took the dog she was surrendered with but did not have space for Bunny. She just arrived at the Sanctuary on November 5 and will have her first vet visit next week. We will know more about her age and her health then. Her shelter picture is on the left; the middle picture was taken on her freedom ride to Cleveland, and the picture on the right was taken in her foster home. Bunny is a little frightened, but she is starting to warm up and relax a little. She is sharing her foster home with Milo, another little Chihuahua with the Sanctuary (see below in adoptable dogs).

Update: Bunny has developed a stubborn case of kennel cough and is being treated aggressively so that it does not become pneumonia. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Update: Bunny has recovered from kennel cough, and her true personality is emerging. She is an affectionate dog with a sunny disposition despite her often serious look. She is now ready for her very own home. For more information on Bunny, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Bunny was adopted and has taken her place with two other friendly dogs and a woman who loves her and cares for her. Congratulations, Bunny!

Barney, an handsome 8-year-old Lab/Basset Hound mix, came to us from a central Ohio County where he had been taken after being removed from the home of a hoarder. Another rescue took all of the small dogs but left Barney because he was too larger for them. He came to the Sanctuary just long enough to be neutered and put on a diet to lose some much needed weight. He was quickly adopted by a retired gentleman who had adopted two unsocialized, bonded seniors from the Sanctuary many years ago. At last report, Barney, who had been a bit anxious in his foster home, had settle in nicely and was getting more comfortable every day.


Ruth, a senior Chihuahua from Lucas County, came to the Sanctuary in March of 2015. She is a small, gentle dog and will be available for adoption following completion of her heartworm treatment and surgery for cherry eye. She prefers a home as the only dog or with just one or two other friendly, low-key dogs.

Update: Ruth has successfully completed her heartworm treatment and has had her surgery to correct her cherry eyes; she is now available for adoption. If you are interested, in Ruth, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Ruth was adopted by a wonderful family who has adopted from the sanctuary in the past. She joins Charlotte (former SSD dog) and Whiz along with her human family. Congratulations, Ruth!

Photo on the right courtesy of Portraits by Martha.


Autumn is a tiny, 10-year-old Yorkie from Cleveland Animal Control. She came to us with a fractured leg that has since healed. A loving dog that bonds quickly with those who love her, she has been spayed and had a much-needed dental and is now just waiting for her very own home. For more information on Autumn, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Autumn has been adopted by her foster caregiver where she shares her home with two cats, both of which are larger than she is. She is settling in nicely, and it's good to know that she will not have to move and adjust to a new home, especially since she can be a bit anxious.

Gorgeous fall portrait of Autumn courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Arlo, a 10-year-old Doberman/hound mix, is a lively fellow, full of good cheer. He came to us from Cleveland Animal Care & Control with two large tumors that were removed and were, thankfully, benign. Aside from some skin issues caused by allergies, Arlo is a healthy dog who enjoys the love and devotion of his people. He would do best in an adult home with people who will take him for frequent short walks and shower him with attention and affection. He loves the fenced yard in his foster home, but it is not a necessity. Arlo is loyal and devoted to the people who love him.

Update: After being moved from one foster home to another for not liking cats, Arlo has finally found a home of his own. We are not sure why it took so long for him to be adopted, but he is now home.

Ginny (formerly known as Ruthie at the pound) came to us on Easter in 2015 from the Jackson County Dog Pound where she had been picked up as a stray. A cute little 7-year-old Puggle, Ginny sadly has a long way to go to health and adoptability. She went through a false (thankfully!!) pregnancy and was heartworm positive. She has just completed her heartworm treatment. The next step in her journey will be to be spayed, and then she will be ready for adoption. But her foster family has fallen in love and will adopt her as soon as she is ready. So Ginny is spoken for.

Update: Ginny has been successfully treated for heartworm and spayed. She has now been officially adopted by her foster family. It was love at first sight for Ginny and her family.

Sherlock, 10-year-old Lhasa, from a NW Ohio shelter, being treated for a skin infection. He has been neutered and is ready for his very own home.

Update: Sherlock looks like a new dog, and he has been adopted by a couple who have adopted from the Sanctuary previously. We wish Sherlock a long and happy life in his new home.

Edison, 7-year-old Boxer mix, came to the Sanctuary from an area shelter when he was found running the streets of a Cleveland suburb. Edison was adopted by a Sanctuary board member and her mother. Sadly, both recently passed away from cancer leaving Edison with no choice but to return to a Sanctuary foster home. Friendly and easy-going with people and friendly dogs, Edison will make an excellent companion for a person or family looking for a younger senior. Edison shares his foster home with several dogs and gets along well with them. He loves having a playmate, and he loves to cuddle and sit next to you on the couch.

Update: Edison has been adopted by his foster caregiver! After conversation with our veterinarian, we decided that yet another move in Edison's life would cause him undue stress and anxiety, so his foster family welcomed Edison into their home permanently.

McDuff, 10-year-old West Highland Terrier/Bichon Frise mix from a NW Ohio shelter, tested negative for Cushings disease and will need two tumors removed when he is healthy enough.

Update: McDuff was adopted as soon as his surgery was completed. His tumors were benign, and he is settling into his new home where he is already surrounded by love.
Moses, 8- to 10-year-old ShihTzu, from Cleveland Animal Care and Control. Lovable and ready for adoption.

Update: Moses was adopted by a wonderful woman looking for a best friend, and she found it in Moses. He is king of his new castle and loving every minute of it.

Jimbo,an 8-year-old Poodle, from Cleveland Animal Care and Control, is a comical and friendly dog. He loves to dance on his back legs and smile at you. He gets along well with the dogs and cats in his foster home and should be able to settle into his very own home with little trouble. Jimbo has been recently neutered and is being evaluated for hair loss and skin issues. He has also had a much-needed dental.

Jimbo, whose new name for his new life is Diego, has been adopted by an employee of our wonderful veterinarian clinic. He joins three other small dogs and a cat in his new home.

Candice, a beautiful and gentle 8-year-old Schnauzer, came to us from an urban pound where she was surrendered when her elderly owners could no longer care for her. She was so depressed and shut down that she was overlooked time and again as she huddled in the back of her kennel. She came to us to have a better chance at adoption, and after some necessary medical care, she was adopted immediately by a previous adopter and friend of the Sanctuary. Candice will share her new life with several cats and a friendly dog named Ty. We know she will enjoy a wonderful life in her new home. Photos courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Stan Lee, a 12- to 14-year-old Shepherd/Hound/Doberman mix was confiscated by Cleveland Animal Control when the temperatures dropped below zero in January of 2015. Stan Lee had been confined outdoors his entire life with little socialization. A compassionate neighbor fed him and interacted with him when she could and then called animal control to report him. Regardless of his past, he is friendly, inquisitive, and even a little goofy sometimes. He showered our vet and volunteers with kisses on his very first day out of animal control.

He gets along well with friendly dogs and cats after a controlled and careful introduction. His health has stabilized, and he is now ready for his very own home. Stan Lee has some arthritis, so he enjoys short, easy walks and would do best in an adult home with few or no stairs. Since the weather is warmer, he enjoys riding in a cart behind his foster caregiver's bicycle with his best friend Buttercup the Chihuahua.

Update: Stan Lee has been adopted by his foster family. His best friend Buttercup is very happy about that! And we are glad that Stan Lee will stay with his family for life.

Chica, a tiny 3.6 pound sweetheart of a senior Chihuahua with a multitude of medical problems, came to the Sanctuary in mid-April 2015 from Cleveland Animal Control. She was very ill and had the worst case of dental disease we have seen in quite some time along with leg pain, possibly from an old untreated injury. She was being aggressively treated with antibiotics and pain medicine. She healed nicely, had a much-needed dental, and then was adopted almost immediately by a woman who loves her unconditionally and has named her Coraline.

Juni is a sweet, spunky, happy gal. She came to us from a rural southern Ohio shelter where she had been found wandering a major highway. Her microchip traced back to Petland and was never updated, so we have no idea what her life was like for the past 10 years, only that she was a pet store purchase. Weighing in at 13 pounds, Juni loves the companionship of her foster family, and she gets along well with the other dogs there. She has been okay with the cat, but she seems just a little too interested. If she shared her home with a cat, she would need to be closely monitored to be sure they get along. Juni is spayed and healthy except for a yeast infection that is responding to aggressive treatment. Juni is a loving, loyal dog in need of a stable, caring home. If you can open your home and your heart to little Juni, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Juni was adopted by a wonderful couple and now shares her life with two other dog friends who have quickly become her friends. Photo  courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Update: Juni did not appreciate the attentions of one of the dogs in her adoptive home, so she returned to the Sanctuary and was quickly adopted by Betty, a second-time adopter who was looking for the perfect little dog. She found it in Juni. The two have become fast friends. They are shown on the right on the day that Juni arrived in her new home. They are the perfect match! Photo on the left courtesy of Portraits by Martha.


Alfred, a 7- to  10-year-old Spaniel mix, came to us in September of 2014 from Cleveland Animal Control when no one came to claim him. He is shown on the left during his stay at animal control and on the right a much happier fellow enjoying a car ride. He is a small dog, currently only 20 pounds but looking to gain another 5 pounds for good measure. Alfred has been neutered and had his medical needs met. He is a friendly guy who gets along well with everyone he meets, including friendly dogs and cats. He is just waiting for his perfect home so he can relax and enjoy the rest of his life. He can be a bit vocal in new surroundings or when you come home after being away, but he settles down quickly and is happy to share your company. If you would like more information about Alfred, please contact the Sanctuary. You will be glad that you did.

Update: Alfred was adopted by a woman who will care for him and give him unconditional love for life. He shares his home with two friendly old dogs who have become his best friends. Photo on the left courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Zippy, a 9-year-old Rat Terrier, is a sweet-natured gal; healthy and happy. She loves to play and cuddle. She recently was successfully treated for a sinus condition that caused frequent and violent sneezing. Zippy is playful and thrives on attention. She gets along well with other dogs, especially if they will play with her.

If you are looking for the perfect companion, don't over look Zippy. She is looking for love and stability in her life.

Update: After being in her foster home for nearly two years, Zippy has found her very own home that she willingly shares with several other small dogs. She is getting the best of everything. Her forever home was definitely worth waiting for. Photos courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

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