Sophie: graduate of the Sanctuary's first therapy dog class in 2002 at 8 years old
Francesca Solara, Sanctuary Therapy Dog
Burt, Sanctuary Therapy Dog, 2005-2007

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Seniors for Seniors & Therapy Dogs
The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs is proud to offer Senior Dogs for Senior People, a program designed to bring senior dogs and senior people together, and Companions, a program that puts senior therapy dogs to work in the community sharing their joy and offering comfort where needed.

Senior Dogs for Senior People. As an important part of this program, senior dogs are available to qualified adopters 65 years of age and older for $65, rather than our usual adoption fee of $125.

Companions sponsors the use of senior dogs in the community as therapy dogs, working with people in need of the companionship only an old dog can give. Our work ranges from visiting people in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice homes, group homes, schools, colleges, and assisted living communities to helping children in reading programs. The jobs an old dog can do are nearly endless.

Henry & Mary Lou
The Sanctuary's first adoption & the first Companions adoption, 2001

Sanctuary Therapy Dogs


Our current Therapy Dogs (left to right):
Pollyanna, 13-year-old Poodle mix; Roxy, 11-year-old Coonhound mix; Josie, 12-year-old Boxer mix
Certified through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Our Quartet of Retired Therapy Dogs (left to right): FayFay (RIP), Almonzo, J.J. (RIP), and Ivy (RIP)

Our past Trio of Therapy Dogs all now at the Bridge (left to right): J.J, Delilah, and FayFay
each expressing her personality in her own unique way


Almonzo, 11-year-old Mastiff
Registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs from 2015-2018


To light a candle for any of these dogs or for any of your friends who have crossed the Bridge, please visit our candle room.

Ivy, Pomeranian, 2005-2021
From a hoarder to a life of joy, Ivy brightened the day of everyone she met
Certified with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs in 2015

Simon, Beagle mix, 2008-6/6/2020
In loving memory of Simon whose calm and centered
personality made many friends everywhere he went
Certified with Alliance of Therapy Dogs in 2018

J.J., Lab/Husky mix, 2003-2018
In loving memory of J.J. who never let her blindness hold her back
from embracing life with all four paws
Registered with Bright & Beautiful in 2012

FayFay, Lab/Border Collie mix, 2000-2016
In loving memory of FayFay, who left life on the streets of Cleveland
far behind  to embrace her new life with joy and enthusiasm
Registered with Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs in 2013.

Delilah, Lab/Setter mix, 2001-2014
In loving memory of Delilah, who left her sad past far behind,
choosing instead to share love and joy and happiness despite her deafness
Registered with Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs in 2013

Francesca Solara, Chihuahua, 1998-2012
In loving memory of Francesca, who overcame illness
and abandonment to bring joy to countless people.
Registered with Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs in 2011

Cato, Rottweiler, 2000-2010
In loving memory of Cato that came to us after a life of neglect.
His unwavering good nature won him many friends. Even those who were
afraid of dogs were charmed by Cato's easy-going ways.
Registered with the Delta Society in 2009

Vinnie, Poodle/Dachshund mix, 1995-2009
In loving memory of Vinnie whose loving disposition and
strength in the face of adversity were an inspiration to all who met him.
Registered with the Delta Society in 2008

Annie Brown, Poodle, 1998-2009
In loving memory of our Annie Brown whose loving nature and comical antics
were a source of pleasure to all who met her. Her therapy service was cut tragically short.
Registered with the Delta Society in 2008

Burt, St. Bernard/Golden Retriever mix, 1997-2007
In loving memory of Burt, a big, furry love of a dog.
Registered with the Delta Society 2005 and renewed in 2007

Gretchen, Border Collie/Chow mix, 1994-2004
In loving memory of Gretchen, known for her sense of humor and joy in living
Registered with Therapy Dogs International in 2003

Georgia, Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix, 1988-2003
In loving memory of Georgia, 1st Sanctuary therapy dog,
a devoted friend, companion, and inspiration to us all
Registered with Therapy Dogs International in 2001

Please donate to The Georgia Memorial Fund to help more senior dogs help people.

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