Graying Muzzles through the years: 2004-2016

Three Graying Muzzles 2004 winners
Jeffie, companion of the Modics, Cleveland, OH
Chester and Makita, companions of Melissa Dudley, Canterbury, NH
Nakita, companion of Jude Fine, Calgary, Canada

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Graying Muzzles Calendar & Photo Contest

Look for the Graying Muzzles 2018 contest to open on or around February 15, 2017. But start catching your senior dog doing those cute things now. It's never too soon to start getting those great shots. We also enjoy seasonal shots; holidays, colorful leaves, snow, a cozy fire all make great shots with your senior dog.

Graying Muzzles 2017 is available now for just $11.50 each, which includes shipping and handling. Calendars are also available at our Adoption & Education Center during the hours that we are open.

Mail your check to
The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs
PO Box 609054
Cleveland, OH 44109

or order through the PayPal link


Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Graying Muzzle photo contest.

1st place (large picture)

Amber Rose Frude
Avalanche Ols
Bella Cunningham
Bugsy T. Puppy Wanstrath
Cissy Kruckenberg
Gixxer Borchelt
Haylie Jean Capek
Karma Bjerre
Kellie Jean Sampsel
Phoebe Coll
Sadie Wolf
Sophie Morrison

Honorable mention (smaller picture)

Bo Mitchell
Chuck & Johnny Medla
Daisy Ankrom
Henry Piscioneri
Hopalong Cassidy Buckethead Cannon
Izabelle Jones
Mya Moye
Nellie Marrelli
Picabo & McTavish Gingrich
Samson Rensel
Sirius Woodard
Toe Becker

There were so many wonderful photos of gorgeous old dogs that it was very hard for the judges to make the final decisions. Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo. It is so nice to see so many people who love and cherish their old friends.


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