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The dogs featured on this page have found loving, permanent homes where they can live out the rest of their lives surrounded by the warmth and love all dogs deserve throughout their lives, especially in their golden years.

Lawrence, a 7-year-old Spaniel/Chow mix, came to the Sanctuary from the Cleveland Kennel when he was picked up as a stray on the streets. Lawrence is gentle and loving, and he enjoys walks in the park and rides in the car. Although he pulls with excitement on his leash, he loves to sit at your side and enjoy the scenery.  Currently housed in an area boarding kennel, Lawrence would love his very own home. he is friendly to other animals and to people. He does best with introductions to other dogs when he is not leashed. He would enjoy another dog companion (or a cat) and a fenced yard to play in. Renown local artist Judith Brandon has painted a beautiful portrait of Lawrence to accompany his adoption into a wonderful loving home. If you can give Lawrence the home he deserves, please contact the Sanctuary.

Rita, a lovely 7-8 year old Shepherd/terrier mix, is a friendly, happy, healthy girl who was picked up as a stray by the City of Cleveland Kennel. She loves being part of her new foster family, and she gets along well with all of the dogs there. She love to play, but she also loves to curl up on the couch or in a comfy chair for a long nap. With perfect house manners, Rita fit into her foster home quickly. Rita is being treated for a skin infection that was apparently neglected by her previous people for quite some time, but she is responding to treatment and should be completely healed in a short time. Rita would love to be part of your loving family, but she would prefer that cats not be part of her new family. If you are interested in meeting Rita, please contact the Sanctuary.

Monroe, a 10-year-old mixed breed dog, came to the Sanctuary with more fleas than we had ever seen. When he shook, fleas literally flew off of him and hit the walls. He was nearly bald from his hips down his back legs and to the tip of his tail. Yet Monroe found his forever home in record time for a dog in his condition. He went home to live with his new human Luella and his best dog pal Cassie, adopted through the Sanctuary four years ago. Monroe has learned about the good things in life: eating ice cream from a spoon, sleeping in a comfortable, warm bed, and getting lots of back rubs and kisses. Luella reports that all of his fur has grown back and he has become one handsome dog. Not bad for an old, flea-bitten stray that no one wanted.

Dylan, a small 7-year-old mixed breed dog, is a tough survivor of the streets. He likes to be in control and required an experienced dog owner without children to show him the joys of living as a valued family member. After two failed adoptions, Dylan has begun serious training, but because of his repeated attempts to bite without warning, he will remain in a Sanctuary-approved foster home for life. His foster caregiver is equipped to work with his anger issues, and he is making significant improvement in a structured life. Although he will not be adopted out again, he will live surrounded by warmth and love in his foster home. One of the Sanctuary's board members decided to make Dylan her own companion and continue his training. She reports that he is doing well with only minor set backs.

Dolce, a 10-year-old Lhasa/Shih Tzu mix, is a friendly, sweet-natured fellow. He came into the Cleveland Kennel as a classic case of neglect, so severely matted and dirty that he was very uncomfortable. Dolce was very shy and did not play or interact with the other dogs at first. he now loves the company of the other dogs in his foster home, and he has learned to play with toys. He is very intelligent and responds quickly to positive training methods. His favorite activity is to cuddle up with a loving human and be stroked and talked to in a quiet voice. Dolce would make an excellent companion for an older person or couple. To learn more about Dolce, please contact the Sanctuary.

Donnie, a 14-year-old Papillon, came to the Sanctuary after he was picked up as a stray accompanied only by a little Shih Tzu named Ronnie, who was immediately adopted by a family in love with the breed. Donnie adjusted quickly to life in his foster home surrounded by love and lots of small dog friends to keep him company. Donnie's health is good with the exception of hypothyroidism, which is treated with daily, inexpensive medication. He has a healthy appetite in spite of having had most of his teeth removed due to lifelong neglect. If you are looking for a best friend who will sit in your lap and follow you around the house as you tend to your chores, please contact the Sanctuary because Donnie is waiting to meet you.

Paris, a 9-year-old Schnoodle (Poodle/Schnauzer mix), was abandoned in poor health, apparently having suffered long term neglect and abuse. Her health was poor from starvation when she came to the Sanctuary, and her teeth were the very worst our vet had ever seen. She has gained some much-needed weight and has had all of her badly diseased teeth removed. She has no trouble eating food, especially when it has been softened with some warm water. A friendly and loving dog, Paris enjoys the company of other dogs and of people. She is regaining her confidence and would flourish in a loving home with lots of attention. If you have a spot in your heart and home for Paris, please contact the Sanctuary.

Romeo, a 12-year-old Boston terrier, is blind from cataracts, but he finds his way around well and quickly in new surroundings. Blindness does not slow him down at all; he has no trouble with stairs and loves to explore. Romeo is scheduled for a dental extraction because his teeth are in poor condition. Intelligent and independent, Romeo loves the company of humans and other dogs.

Dallas, a 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix, came to the Sanctuary from a rural Ohio shelter when her family could no longer care for her. A sweet-natured and loving dog, Dallas is friendly to cats, dogs, and humans. She is a love-bug, just waiting for her very own home to show her the unconditional love she deserves. If you are looking for a best friend who will thank you for your love and care every day, Dallas is the girl for you. She is bright and energetic; she loves to play ball and chase toys, but she also loves to curl up next to you and take in a good movie. Dallas has strikingly unusual coloring and great good looks.

Bobbie D is a wonderful, loving Beagle mix, so desperately ill and painfully thin when he came to us that we feared his time was limited. But Bobbie showed us all the meaning of real determination. At 12 years old, he came through the treatment for heartworm disease with flying colors and was then neutered and treated for an enlarged prostate. He is now a happy old fellow whose severe arthritis limits his activity but is effectively controlled through daily medication. Bobbie's arthritis fades quickly into the background, however, when he sees a tennis ball. Running and sliding like a baseball player stealing home, he loves to play,  preferably with several tennis balls at once. Bobbie D. has a lot of love to give to a special person or family who understands that this is the final chapter in his life and that he deserves to live out his retirement in comfort surrounded by unconditional love.

Skeeter, a 7-8 year old Australian Shepherd mix, is a real character. She has personality plus and loves to go for spirited walks and to play with the other friendly dogs in her foster home. Skeeter was picked up as a stray in Medina County when the Sanctuary took her in. Skeeter is an adaptable, easy-going dog. She fits into new situations easily, remaining calm when the other dogs around her are showing signs of stress at adoption events. Skeeter is currently in training to earn her Canine Good Citizen certificate and to be evaluated as a therapy dog. An energetic and loving dog, she would be happy in the middle of a family filled with love. An abandoned dog looking for the good life, Skeeter's future is now bright and filled with potential.

Gloria, an 8 y/o Yellow Lab/Redbone Hound mix, was rescued from the streets by a good Samaritan and taken to an area shelter. Gloria had suffered from a long untreated skin infection and was in very sad shape when she came to the Sanctuary, but she is now completing the long road to recovery. Except for a patch of hairless skin on her belly, there is no evidence of the problems that plagued her several months ago. She is sweet and even-tempered and would make an excellent candidate for therapy dog work. She loves most other dogs, but she would prefer to not share her home with cats. Gloria walks with a Gentle Leader because she pulled on the leash when she first came in, but now she has developed very nice leash manners. She is very trainable and would do well in a family or with an active retired person or couple.


Cream Puff, an 8-year-old, lovable, if slightly over-sized, Beagle mix, came to the Sanctuary from a rural shelter where she had been abandoned at the beginning of her golden years. She is very attached to her foster caregiver, and loves car rides, treats (of course), and lots and lots of love. With a good diet and lots of limited but regular exercise, Cream Puff is beginning to lose some of her excess weight., She needs a loving home with people who will commit to her fitness program and to loving her for the rest of her life. She is currently being treated for elevated liver enzymes, and she is responding well to treatment. We do not yet know if her treatment will need to continue for life. Cream Puff loves cats but would prefer to be the only dog in the home.

Maddie, a 7-year-old Fox terrier mix, recently arrived at the Sanctuary after being picked up as a stray by the City of Cleveland Kennel officers. She has settled into her new foster home very quickly, and her caregiver reports that she is alert and playful and interacts well with other dogs. Maddie loves to ride in the car and to snuggle anywhere that's really warm - especially after playing outside in the cold. Her outgoing personality allows her to bond very quickly with new people. Maddie is not aggressive with cats, but she is extremely curious and tries to engage them in play, so kitties that do not like to play with friendly dogs might be put off by her, at least at first.

Rio, an 8-10 y/o blind Poodle/Lhasa mix, is really close to the perfect dog. She is independent, loving, and very adjusted to her blindness. She forms a mental map of her surroundings very quickly and is able to get around with ease. She is a loving dog, a wonderful lap dog and faithful companion. Found as a stray by the City of Cleveland Kennel, she is waiting for the perfect home that will give her the second chance she so richly deserves. Rio is healthy and happy; she is just waiting for you to bring her home.

Nelson is an 11-year-old Collie/Golden Retriever-mix. Please make the time to come and meet this absolutely special guy. Words cannot describe this gem of a dog. Nelson came to the City Kennel barely able to walk due to the thick mats on his fur. Once groomed and finally secure with people he loves and trusts, he spends his days frolicking in the snow, jogging to the dog park down the street, and playing with his favorite dog toys. Just to give you an idea of his gentle nature, he has made friends with a resident cat who usually doesn't care for dogs. Now that cat follows and sleeps next to Nelson. This is a dog with a tremendous spirit and charm. We are looking for a home for him that will allow him to flourish in his golden years and make these years the best of his life.

Josephine, a beautiful mixed breed dog, came to the City of Cleveland Kennel late one night because her owner had been charged with animal cruelty. At 8 years old, Jo is a loving, trusting dog who enjoys the company of kind, gentle people even though she hasn't known much happiness in her life until recently. Josephine also enjoys the company of the many dogs in doggie day care and plays happily with them all day long, but she would really blossom in her own special home filled with unconditional love and perhaps another dog or two, but no cats. Long, spirited walks and lots of playtime make Jo happy. She is currently in training to earn her Canine Good Citizen certificate and to be evaluated as a therapy dog candidate. Jo is a healthy, spayed female who weighs about 60 pounds.

Lady Pepper (6-8 y/o Toy Poodle), sporting a pink and purple bow on her head and a matching pink collar with her name handwritten inside, looked every inch the lady that she is, except for one jarring detail: she was alone and frightened, tied to a post in the parking lot of an inner city shelter. At only five pounds, it was a miracle that she survived the night. A closer look revealed that she was urine soaked and stained with a serious bacterial infection on her skin. The reasons behind her mysterious appearance at the shelter were beginning to become clearer. Assuming Lady Pepper to be an older, incontinent female, we took her for a complete health evaluation and what we believed would be a routine spay, but, during surgery, Dr. Bob discovered a bladder stone the size of a large shooter marble. Lady Pepper had become incontinent, not due to age, but due to a very treatable medical problem. Now on the mend and feeling better every day, her incontinence is clearing up and will continue to improve as the muscles in her bladder strengthen. A typical toy Poodle, Lady Pepper knows how to get what she wants. She will jump into an available lap for a cuddle, with or without invitation. Generally friendly to other dogs, she does not like to have her rest disturbed, and she will bark and sometimes snap at any dog that tries to disrupt her beauty sleep. A beautiful white Poodle with gray ears and a large salt and pepper patch on her back, Lady Pepper needs to know the meaning of unconditional love.
Andie, a 9 y/o Lab/Border Collie mix, is a beautiful girl who came to the Sanctuary from a rural Ohio county in order to escape the gas chamber. Very shy but affectionate, Andie loves to be stroked and spoken to in a soft voice. She needs to build her confidence and gain some weight; her ideal weight is probably about 60 pounds, up from her current weight of 49 pounds. She was recently spayed and had a normal blood screen. Andie loves the company of other dogs, but she is less sure of her standing with people. She does not show signs of full-blown separation anxiety, but she does not enjoy being alone, and she suffers from severe thunder phobia. Andie also has serious trust and fear issues; she is responding slowly to medication, training, and stability.

Minnie Mae, a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel mix, is a true sweetheart. Picked up as a stray by the City of Cleveland, she loves the attention in her new home.

Wilson, a fine-looking, dapper 9-year-old Shepherd/Lab mix, is looking for that special home where he can shine. Friendly with most other dogs, Wilson is a people-pleaser. He loves to sit by your side or walk next to you; the entertainment is up to you as long as it includes him in the center of the picture. Picked up as one of the many neglected, unwanted strays on the streets of Cleveland, Wilson knows how to give unconditional love, and he is ready to learn how to receive it.

Joey, also known as Joe E. Cocker, was a terrible sight when he first came to the City of Cleveland Kennel on a hot, humid day in June. Poor Joey was in danger from the heat and in misery from the severely matted and filthy fur that kept him from walking. Each stroke of the clippers brought Joey closer to freedom from his hairy prison. Several hours and 19 pounds of fur later, Joey emerged; the relief in his eyes and the lightness in his first pain free steps in a long, long time were dramatic. Now, just three short months after his rescue, Joey is a chubby, happy, loving boy. At 6 years old, Joey now wags his stubby little tail constantly and loves everyone he meets. He loves to play with his ball and his squeaky toys. Very well adjusted in spite of his traumatic past, Joey will steal your heart with one look from his adorable, freckled face. Cars rides, walks, and the carefree joys of puppyhood that he missed in his earlier life are among Joey's favorite things.

Muffin, a beautiful 10 y/o terrier mix, was in a severe depression when she returned to the Sanctuary in May of 2005. Muffin had been quickly adopted by her foster caregiver when she first came to us in 2003. Sadly, just seven short months later, Muffin's companion passed away, and she went to live with a close friend. Incredibly, just eight months later, her new companion also passed away, leaving Muffin alone in the house for days. She was withdrawn and sad for the first several days, but she soon showed her incredible spirit, and within days she was barking for walks and attention and adjusting to her new situation in a foster home with lots of dogs and lots of excitement. even though Muffin is content in her foster home, she still longs for a special companion or family to call her own. Muffin is sociable and friendly, she accepts other dogs with grace.

Cora, a 6 y/o wire-haired terrier mix (picture a 50-pound Irish Wolfhound and you will have a good idea of Cora) was picked up as a stray in a central Ohio county where she stood little chance of adoption because of her age even though she is an energetic, playful dog. An excellent passenger, Cora loves car rides, treats, cuddling, and playing. She gets along with most dogs although she can be a little pushy on first meeting if the other dog is aggressive or dominant. Cora is very bright and inquisitive and learns news commands quickly. She would benefit from some gentle training and would learn to be a family's best friend with minimal fuss. Cora enjoys older children and would be the perfect dog for your active, fun loving family.
Adopted!! Harrison, 10-12 y/o black and tan Coonhound who is blind in one eye, was found wandering the main streets of a small town in Columbiana County, a friend to everyone he meets. With the help of his foster caregivers, Harrison is learning the joys of living in a home for probably the first time in his life. He has been neutered and is healthy except for a touch of arthritis that is responding well to medication. Harrison needs a permanent home so that he can know the joys of the unconditional love that he so richly deserves in his retirement years.

Stanley, a 10-12 y/o German Shepherd mix, is a special boy who needs a special home. Stanley came to the City of Cleveland kennel as a stray. He is an absolute sweetheart of a dog, and he clearly loves to be the center of attention. He would make an excellent companion for an older person who has time and love to spare. Age is beginning to show on Stanley; he has gone deaf, and he has some weakness in his hips. But he is full of life and love and deserves to spend his retirement in a home surrounded by love. When he is waiting for his dinner, he loves to sing, as he is doing in the picture. Stanley is a handsome older gentleman with a beautiful coat and a very unusual tail, short and fluffy, something like a bunny tail. Please open your heart and home to Stanley so that he will know what unconditional love means in his golden years. Contact the Sanctuary for more information about Stanley.

King, an 8-9 y/o Malamute/Collie mix, came to the Sanctuary two years ago with his best friend Shadow from the City of Cleveland Kennel. Both were adopted out quickly, but King was recently returned to the Sanctuary when he injured his knee and his caregiver could no longer provide for him. King had knee surgery and has recovered full use of his leg. The good news is that our vet estimates his age at only 8 years old, considerably younger than we thought at first. He has had x-rays of his joints which are said to be free of arthritis. He is healthy and eager to settle into his new home. Weighing in at about 110 pounds, King is dieting in order to reach his ideal weight of about 95 pounds, and he would benefit from continued gentle exercise. King is a gentle giant who wants nothing more than to cuddle and be the center of your universe. He gets along with most other dogs, but not all; he needs to meet another dog under controlled circumstances to see if it is a match. If you have room in your home for King, please contact the Sanctuary. His devotion will reward you every single day.

Albert, an 8-10 y/o Golden mix, was picked up as a stray by the City of Cleveland; when Sanctuary staff first saw him, he was pathetically thin and with bite wounds on his face, ears, and neck, some years old and some relatively new. Albert had a host of medical problems, including malnutrition, an infected foot, and heartworm disease. After just a week of eating nutritious food, Albert gained almost ten pounds, and he was strong enough to undergo heartworm treatment. Just four weeks later, he had reached his ideal weight of 67 pounds and had recovered enough to be successfully neutered. He is doing very well considering everything he has gone through, and he is now ready for a loving new home to help him erase the memories of what must have been a difficult life until now. Albert was sad and clearly depressed when he first arrived; he now has a bounce to his step and an enthusiastic attitude that demonstrates how far he has come. Albert does not like cats at all and would prefer to be an only dog, but he has shared living space with Dexter (see below) and would probably do well with a nonaggressive older dog. If you are interested in meeting Albert, please contact the Sanctuary.

Martha, a 15 y/o Beagle girl, is a real sweetheart who found herself abandoned in Cleveland animal control at a time in her life when she should be a cherished family companion. Martha is a spayed female, healthy, loving, and happy. She loves children and other animals. She is a real crowd pleaser at events, always drawing a large group of admirers. She would love to share a home with an older person or couple. She is guaranteed to make you smile every day. If you can open your heart and home to an old lady with a lot of love to give, please contact the Sanctuary.

Molly, a 7-9 y/o Schnoodle, came to the Sanctuary from the City of Cleveland Kennel as a stray--lost, alone, and frightened. She is a loving dog who would do exceptionally well with an older person or couple. She enjoys gentle walks and lots and lots of love. Molly's health is good, and her disposition is very pleasant. A small dog weighing about 20 pounds, Molly will reward you with her affection every day if you open your heart and home to her. Please contact the Sanctuary to arrange to meet Miss Molly.

Frankie, an 8 y/o miniature Schnauzer boy, was picked up by the City of Cleveland Kennel as a stray. He is a good deal underweight, but his health screen did not reveal any problems. He is eating well and gaining weight in his new foster home. Frankie will be a wonderful addition to the home lucky enough to adopt him. he is loyal and loving and would like nothing better than a real home of his own. A friendly and outgoing dog, Frankie enjoys the company of other animals in addition to people. He would do well in a home with another friendly dog or two. He deserves the security of unconditional love. Please contact the Sanctuary to find out more about Frankie.

Dexter, an 8-10 y/o Collie/Corgi mix, came to the City of Cleveland Kennel with a terrible skin allergy that must have made him completely miserable, but even so, he was lovable and friendly to everyone he met, including the cats and Albert (see above), the other dog in the clinic. Dexter has an engaging habit of gently placing his feet in your lap and then looking shyly away. Dexter is neutered and healthy; his skin condition is beginning to clear up since his very bad case of fleas has been eliminated. A handsome dog, Dexter has a long body with very short legs, which gives him an unusual but charming uniqueness. You can catch Dexter on TV3 WKYC in Cleveland this Sunday, January 16, between 9:30 and 10:00 AM. Dexter would love to come live with you and your family; for more information on how to add Dexter to your loving home, please contact the Sanctuary.

Zane, an 11 y/o Border Collie mix, was originally from the Zanesville Animal Shelter. He is a sweet-natured dog whose first love is to place his head gently in your lap and wait for you to shower him with kisses and hugs. He is neutered and in generally good health although he has some rear leg weakness and is being treated for hypothyroidism, a common condition in older dogs. His medication is about $15 a month. He has responded well to his treatment, and we believe he will gain strength and stamina as his thyroid levels stabilize. Zane is very friendly with other dogs, and loves the company of people. If you have room in your home and heart for a kind old dog named Zane, please contact the Sanctuary.

Louie, 10 y/o Pomeranian mix, was picked up by the City of Cleveland Kennel as a stray. Weighing in at a mere 7 pounds with just a few teeth, Louie makes everyone laugh with his silly looks and his happy-go-lucky personality. He absolutely loves every dog, cat, and person that he meets. He can be vocal if he feels ignored, but he is a well-mannered, fun little dog. If you have room in your home for Louie, you will always have a friend to make you smile. If you are interested in meeting Louie, please contact the Sanctuary.

Tanya, a 7 y/o mostly Black Lab, came in to the Sanctuary with Tucker (see his story for more detail). She is a friendly, loving dog with a big personality. She has excellent house manners and loves to ride in the car. She would love to stay with her friend Tucker, but she would also do well in the right home alone. Tanya is thin, but otherwise healthy. Her foster caregiver reports that her appetite is excellent and that she is gaining weight. Tanya's blood profile was normal and she is heartworm negative. If you have room in your home for Tanya (and maybe Tucker, too), please contact the Sanctuary.

Tucker, an older Yellow Lab, came to the Sanctuary (with Tanya) from Cleveland animal control when their family lost their home. Tucker and Tanya seem very bonded, and we would love for them to go to a new home together, but they would also do well in the right homes separately. Tucker is about 8-9 years old, in good health except for his aging hips. He has started on supplements to improve his walking. He is a very laid back fellow. On the way to the vet clinic, Tucker and Tanya sat together in the front seat of a Saturn, the perfect passengers. They are well-mannered and friendly and would love to settle into your loving, comfortable home.
UPDATE: Tanya (now named Tasha) and Tucker were adopted together and are enjoying their new life as treasured family members. They would not even open their eyes for this picture; they were obviously enjoying their nap time on the couch.

Willow, a 10 y/o Border Collie/Sheltie mix, was picked up as a stray by Cleveland animal control. Willow was in bad shape when she came to the Sanctuary. Covered in ticks and fleas with bald patches and huge scabs covering her body, she responded well to medical treatment, but her emotional scars run a little deeper. She cried and howled for the first week in her foster home, clearly looking for whoever had deserted her. After two weeks, she had stopped crying, but she still looked eagerly for her people, sometimes standing at the gate for hours gazing longingly out to the street. Over a month later, Willow is a well-adjusted dog who would enjoy a home of her own so she can be the only dog and the center of her new family's attention. She enjoys a quick nap in the flowerbed during lazy summer afternoons. Please contact the Sanctuary for more information on Willow.

Clark, an 8 y/o blind Border Collie/Malamute  mix, came to the City of Cleveland Kennel as a stray. He is very sweet and affectionate; he quickly learns his way around new surroundings. He needs a quiet, loving home to spend his retirement years. He is also in urgent need of a loving foster home. He is cautious around other animals at first, but with the proper introductions, he gets along fine. Clark needs a home that will move slowly with him and not rush him to interact with other animals. If you can offer a safe foster or permanent home for Clark, please contact the Sanctuary as soon as possible.

Alexandria (Alex), a 9 y/o Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, was abandoned when her long time companion entered a nursing home. She became very sad and did not adjust well to life in the shelter. The Sanctuary took her in and placed her in a foster home which was more to Alex's liking than a shelter, but she would love a warm home of her own to help her regain her spirits and her joy in living. She is fitting in well in her foster home, and she gets along with the other dogs and cats in residence. Spayed and healthy, Alex enjoys the company of people and would make an excellent friend to an older person or couple. She also has energy and enjoys walks and outings. Please open your heart to Alex so that she can regain her joy in living. To apply to adopt Alex, please contact the Sanctuary.

Sadie, a 6-7 y/o Retriever/Shepherd/Beagle mix, came to the Sanctuary from a neighboring county. A family had adopted Sadie from the same shelter a year ago, but they returned her because she had given birth to 23 puppies in the year, and the family could not find homes for any more puppies! Sadie has now been spayed and vet checked. She is a healthy, happy girl who gets along well with other dogs as long as they are not dominant and pushy. She is very friendly with people and just wants a safe, happy home to call her own. Sadie is house trained and affectionate. If you can open up your home to her, please contact the Sanctuary.

Vivian, a 7-8 year-old Pekingese, was taken to the City of Cleveland Kennel when she was found wandering as a stray. She is a healthy, happy little girl who will be spayed in early November; as soon as she recovers, she will be ready to move into your home. Vivian is a friendly, sociable dogs and likes other small dogs and cats. She is just waiting for a home of her own and a big fluffy pillow to perch on. She will repay your care with endless love and devotion and reign as the queen of your household.

Baxter, a 10 y/o terrier mix, came to the Sanctuary from the City of Cleveland Kennel. He is a sweet-natured boy who has settled easily into his foster home. He bonded very quickly with his caregiver, but he would love his own permanent home. Baxter had a large, benign lump removed from his elbow, but he has recovered rapidly and is now waiting patiently for that special home he can call his own. He is very friendly with other dogs and cats. Baxter's hips are a bit weak, but with the appropriate medication and daily exercise, he is growing stronger daily. If you would like more information about Baxter, please contact the Sanctuary.

Joy came to the Sanctuary from Wayne County after escaping euthanasia several weeks in a row. A medium-sized black Shepherd/Lab mix, Joy is very bright and easy-going; she loves people and all non-aggressive dogs. She has recently been spayed and is relaxing in her new foster home. Joy is between 6 and 7 years old, and she would love to settle into your loving home. Her idea of a great time is a nice walk followed by TV or nap time. Joy would make a wonderful best friend for an older person or couple. If you are interested in learning more about Joy, please contact the Sanctuary.

Pixie, a small 8-10 y/o spayed Beagle girl, was picked up as a stray by the City of Cleveland Kennel. She is an energetic, lively playmate with a big sense of fun. She would love a home with lots of action and lots of walks each day. Pixie currently has a terrible gum infection that causes her upper lip to catch on her gums. She is scheduled for a dental to correct the problem as soon as she gains enough weight to safely undergo the procedure. Diagnosed with a severe case of intestinal parasites, Pixie is now eating and slowly gaining weight and is otherwise healthy and happy. She needs a fenced in yard so that she will have plenty of room to play and will not wander. If you have room in your home and heart for a tiny Pixie girl, please contact the Sanctuary. She will be a devoted family member.

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